About Me

Hi everyone! Thank you for dropping by to share a small slice of my world!

You can call me Hui Lin or Lyn.

Have you ever stopped and looked at all the entrepreneurs and business owners around you and wondered “How did they start? How did they become so successful? What is their story?”

Well, I have. And I believe I’m not the only one. I love learning about people and sharing their stories with the world.

Currently, I’m looking to chat with entrepreneurs and business people and learning about their journey. But I’m open to learning about anyone inspirational really.

If you are or know someone who would like to share their stories, drop me an email at loving.life.sg.247@gmail.com!

By the way, if you noticed the watermark “jiahao photos”, those were taken by my boyfriend, Jake! He also updates his travel blog https://jiahaoltravels.wordpress.com/ whenever fancy strikes him lol.