Loving Life with… Dona Manis!

Sheesh I feel like I’m one of the last people to find out about the best banana pie in Singapore. I happened to come across a review of Dona Manis recently and was intrigued immediately. Banana pie?

Banana Pie - WM
Oh yeah! Banana pie!

“Uncle, I called yesterday to reserve a banana pie.”

“Orh what’s your number?”


“Huh? Don’t have lei.”

But… but I really called yesterday… Crying a little inside because I really wanted to get the pie for Jake’s family to thank them for inviting me to MBS.

“Never mind lah. Just give her the pie.”

My saviour is none other than Mdm Soh Tho Lang, the wonder baker of the best banana pie in Singapore!

“Thank you, auntie!”

Banana Pie 2 - WM
How can anyone resist this??

The banana is not just some banana cream or mashed up banana. You can still bite down on the wonderfully soft banana pieces inside. The almond and coconut add really nice crunch to the pie. And the crust! It’s so flaky and full of buttery goodness!

Rum Ball - WM
Best rum balls ever!

I’ve read mentions of these rum balls, but it’s basically a passing mention. Like “Oh by the way, they also sell rum balls.”

Omg, these rum balls deserve a post to themselves! It maybe a little ball. But these balls pack a punch! Popping the whole thing into my mouth, I enjoyed the chocolaty goodness first, then BAM!

I blinked and looked at the remainder.

“Can I have one more?”

Choc Tart - WM
Mini innocuous-looking chocolate tarts

Having had many chocolate tarts before, I didn’t think Dona Manis’ mini chocolate tarts will be much different. The banana pie and rum balls should have taught me better.

“Remember to wait 5mins before eating it hor.”

Luckily I did! The crust crumbles easily and my eyes opened wide as I bit into the slightly molten chocolate. Chocolatey bliss!

It’s evident that Mdm Soh believes in only using the best ingredients. There’s no way a normal baking bar will give me the same results!

Will the chocolate melt even more after 5mins?

You’ll have to tell me. There’s no way I’m waiting longer than 5mins for this small piece of heaven!

Dona Manis

865 Mountbatten Road


Katong Shopping Centre

Singapore 437844   

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