Loving Life with… Marina Bay Sands!

Throwback! Jake’s mum very graciously invited me to stay with their family for a night at MBS in Aug. It’s my very first staycation! At a 5-star hotel no less!

When I travel, I’ll try to choose a hotel with affordable rates, typically about $30/night. Which made this my 1st 5-star hotel experience ever!

MBS Room - WM

Look at how huge the room is! This seems to be their premier room from the description I read online.

The mattress is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever tried. I get backaches easily due to scoliosis, so I need a firm mattress. My mattress at home is almost like wood. I can’t tell if this mattress is a hybrid or pillowtop, but it is wonderfully soft and comfortable to lie on, yet has a firm support beneath.

Needless to say, I had a really comfortable night sleeping here.

MBS Toilet - WM

The toilet’s almost bigger than my bedroom! Too bad I didn’t have a chance to enjoy a soak in the bathtub.


And the view from the room! Yes, this photo was taken from our room’s window!

I was seriously lucky that night was NDP preview and we had an AMAZING view of the fireworks! Unfortunately, for some reason Jake’s gopro, which was set to take photos every few seconds automatically, did not work. Hmm. But I did have an unforgettable time enjoying the fireworks in his arms =D

MBS Pool - WM

Their famous infinity pool! I waded in, but honestly, I think looking at the pool from a distance looks more cool than being in it.

The view from the skypark is fantastic! A word of warning though: it is very very crowded. But it’s big enough for us to find a nice spot by the fence and enjoy the view and wind.

By the way, don’t even think about trying to sneak someone else in with just one key card. There’s numerous gantries to tap through. And staff manning the gantries at all times. We saw a few people trying it and were stopped by the staff immediately.

Can’t stop gushing about this staycation! But it is my 1st 5-star experience after all. I really thoroughly enjoyed it!

Anyone else stayed here before?

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