Loving Life with… Chingay Parade (Groove Dance School)!

Highlight of my 2016!

I was super honoured to be selected as part of Groove’s Chingay contingent!



Have you ever seen pole dancing at Chingay before? Yup, we were the first ever and even made it to Singapore Book of Records!


And the papers!


To make our performance more interesting, we were separated into 3 groups: Spinning pole, duo pole and static pole.

I was selected to be in the spinning pole group and here’s my gorgeous and super talented group mates! Our trainings were amazingly fun and always full of laughter because of them!



Training began months before and it was twice weekly, 2-hour training classes. And when the 2-hour training begins at 9pm and lasts till 11pm and sometimes later, on a workday no less, it required a lot of commitment.

Front split on the road! Just because I can =b
Superman in front of the Flyer!

Figuring out a choreography for spinning pole on a moving platform was no joke. And the bruises we got cannot be shown in public.

And I can’t possibly be the only one who was trying to lose weight to look nicer in my costume in public. Dieting through Christmas AND New Year AND Chinese New Year.

Was it worth it?

You bet.

Read my interview with Renee here!

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